Manufacturing has fundamentally transformed society by contributing to advances in mass production technology and creating countless jobs. But in our efforts to improve productivity and efficiency, have we neglected the human aspects of manufacturing? Do we see team members as just cogs in the machine? Or do we recognize their intrinsic values and potential?

The results that you get depend on how you make them feel.

The disengagement plaguing manufacturing teams shows up as decreased productivity, poor quality performance, and increased safety risks. However, the problems bubbling to the surface, undermining the success of your organization, are usually a sign of a deeper issue – 

A disconnect from the top to the shop.


of manufacturing workers report being disengaged.

“At our recent seminar, Trevor did a masterful job of engaging our clients in an enthusiastic talk about the importance of communication and caring when interacting with each other, especially in the workplace. Everyone in attendance was able to take something with them to apply in their daily interactions. I would recommend Trevor to any organization seeking to enhance communication skills and cultivate a more inclusive workplace culture.”

— Brant W. Kennedy

Vice President in the Accounting and Auditing Department at HSC; Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Companies

Inspiring Leaders to Manufacture Greatness and Lead with Curiosity to Drive Engagement.

In his early years as a leader in the manufacturing industry, Trevor saw widespread disengagement as a result of him being a proponent of the traditional command-and-control leadership style. He even had a sign at the top of his boardroom: “Leave your emotions at the door. We have sh*t to do.”

Now, he realizes it should have said “Trevor doesn’t have the skills to unpack what you’re feeling, so we’re going to ignore the data and have a less productive day.”

With a unique blend of humor and vulnerability, Trevor shares his journey of overcoming leadership blind spots. He offers an authentic opportunity for audiences to reflect on the organizational impact of disconnected leadership.

As an expert in emotional intelligence and leadership development, Trevor equips leaders with the skills they need to get curious, spark dialogue, create genuine connections, and drive engagement at every level of daily operations.

With Trevor’s connection-led approach, manufacturing organizations can see benefits like increased safety, improved quality and productivity, prospering profits, and organizational advances that leave competitors in the dust.

This talk is available for tailored workshops and panel discussions.

Connection is the power that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.

— Trevor Blondeel

Meet Trevor Blondeel - Transformational Manufacturing Keynote Speaker

Meet Trevor Blondeel

A manufacturing keynote speaker for leaders ready to revitalize their teams and drive results.

Trevor Blondeel is a professional keynote speaker, host of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, and operations expert with over 25 years of experience as a leader in the manufacturing industry.

Before founding Manufacturing Greatness, Trevor's early leadership experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly—sparked his passion for developing future leaders, driving organizational change, improving team engagement, and connecting the top to the shop.

Through speaking engagements, executive workshops, and consulting services, Trevor helps manufacturing leaders create a culture of connection, engagement, and empowerment by bridging the gap between management and floor employees.

Clients Investing with Trevor to Manufacture Greatness

Trevor Blondeel Clients - Energizer
Trevor Blondeel Clients - Magna
Trevor Blondeel Clients - Nestle

Are You Winning the Manufacturing Talent War?

With 800,000 reported job vacancies across the industry, manufacturing organizations are struggling to attract and retain top talent. To combat this challenge, Trevor advocates for a new way to lead teams – a connection-first approach focused on bridging the gaps feeding the disconnect between top management and floor employees.

01. The Showing Up Gap

How we think we show up and how people see us – our intentions contrasted with how we're actually perceived.

02. The Expectation Gap

What leaders expect teams to do and what teams think leaders expect.

03. The Action Gap

The action steps we want people to take and what they’re actually doing or not doing.

“Relatable, effective messages that leaders can apply immediately.”

Laverne A Roberts, Director of Operations | Energizer

Using actionable strategies and practical advice, Trevor improves results and drives organizational success by empowering manufacturing leaders to foster emotional intelligence and build more meaningful connections with their teams.

Trevor’s message of connection and curiosity encourages leaders to:

Develop Winning Teams
✓ Recognize how emotions drive behaviors
✓ Discover how feedback uncovers blind spots
✓ Turn feedback into actionable developmental steps

Maximize Resources
✓ Develop leader's emotional intelligence
✓ Focus on small adjustments to generate big impacts
✓ Measure observable behaviors demonstrating the results

Embrace Sustainable Systems
✓ Leverage knowledge of personalities to strengthen leadership skills
✓ Address performance issues with clear, authentic and open dialogue
✓ Create a process for shop floor leadership to flourish

Mindfulness Manufacturing Podcast

In his podcast, Mindfulness Manufacturing, Trevor gives listeners real stories that come from a place of experience, transparency, and authenticity. Most importantly, it’s a space to learn from these stories and apply mindfulness in our everyday work and personal lives.

A message that transcends industries, Mindfulness Manufacturing hosts guests and discusses topics relatable to any organization or profession.

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